Code of Conduct

These guidelines have been established by the MOMS Club of Battle Creek to allow our members to interact and to have our children play and grow in a healthy and safe environment. These guidelines are in addition to and in no way violate the International MOMS Club Bylaws. Most of these guidelines are common sense; however, to bypass any confusion, they have been put in writing. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact a member of the Executive Board.

  • Moms and kids must be healthy. Mild colds are the exception. See Illness Policy.
  • Moms must closely supervise their child(ren).
  • Moms must clean up after their child(ren)
  • Moms are responsible for their child(ren)'s actions and behavior. See Behavior Policy.
It is important to remember that children can be moody, dangerous and unpredictable at times. You understand that by participating in group activities with other children you are assuming any related risks. 

If a there is a problem, please contact the child's mother first to resolve any issues. If the problems continue, then please consult someone on the Executive Board. 

RSVP Policy
It is a policy that each member sign-up/RSVP for activities that she would like to attend when it is indicated on the calendar and/or weekly reminder email. Each member is to reply to the weekly reminder email stating what, if any, activities they will be attending that week, along with sending an email directly to the signup person for special events. It is also a policy that each member calls, not emails, the designated signup person to cancel if she is unable to attend a scheduled party and is giving less than 24-hour notice. This allows the signup person to inform other members if, 1) they are the only ones who signed up for the event, or 2) an event needs to be cancelled due to lack of participation. If you are late to a function the group cannot wait so please ensure your timeliness.

Weather Guidelines
The MOMS Club of Battle Creek will follow the Lakeview School District for inclement weather. If the Lakeview Schools are closed due to inclement weather, then all MOMS Club activities will be cancelled. If there is a 2-hour delay, it will be at the discretion of the hostess or activities coordinator whether or not to continue the event as planned. Please use your own discretion for attending activities: when in doubt, call the activity coordinator.