Behavior Policy

Children’s Behavior Policy
MOMS Club activities are meant to be enjoyable and safe events for both parents and children. The MOMS Club respects parenting differences but expects that all children behave appropriately at MOMS Club activities. Moms are responsible for their child(ren)'s actions and behavior. Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Biting
  • Destroying property
  • Hair pulling
  • Hitting
  • Hitting with objects
  • Inappropriate touch
  • Kicking
  • Overly aggressive behavior
  • Over-the-top tantrums
  • Scratching
  • Slapping
  • Spitting

In the unfortunate event that these behaviors occur during MOMS Club activities, then the child’s mother should temporarily remove the child until the behavior has been corrected. If this does not occur, a member may be asked to temporarily remove their child until the behavior has been corrected. This may be done at the discretion of the Executive Board. If after a half hour from the original incident, if this behavior does not cease, then the mother and child shall leave for the day. If such behavior occurs repeatedly at subsequent activities, mom will receive a written warning and be put on notice that such behavior is unacceptable. After the warning, if the unacceptable behavior is still occurring, the member will not be permitted to participate in activities for 60 days. If a child is deemed a danger to themselves or other children on a continual basis, the mother maybe asked to leave the club. This Policy is in place to ensure the enjoyment and safety of club members and their children.

Moms Behavior Policy
MOMS Club is here to support mothers and caregivers who choose to stay at home with their children. We support all mothers and recognize that there are many different parenting styles and personalities in our Club. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for members at all MOMS Club functions or when interacting with other members. It will allow for the removal of members from the MOMS Club roster if they violate the guidelines established and set forth herein. The final decision will rest with the Executive Board.

To ensure a safe, supportive atmosphere, we ask the following of all members:

  1. You shall not use obscene or abusive verbal language directed toward any other member of the club or their child(ren).
  2. You shall not use physical or obscene gestures toward any other member of the club or their child(ren).
  3. You are responsible for your child(ren) at all MOMS Club functions. If you cannot supervise them all, please talk to other members ahead of the event to see if they can lend a hand, or bring a relative or other helper (babysitter) to assist you at public functions.
  4. When disciplining your child(ren), please speak in a reasonable voice or remove the children from the area. Loud voices and yelling are upsetting to other children and disruptive. Please remove your children from the area for time-outs.
  5. Do not discipline another mom’s child(ren) without their permission. In the event that your child is in conflict with another child, please separate them and take the other child to his/her mother.
  6. As a support group, there will be many conversations with and about members. To be supportive, no malicious gossip, demeaning comments, and/or harassment regarding other members is allowed. Please also respect the privacy of members who do not have an outgoing nature. This applies whether you are talking in-person, via phone, email, Facebook, or any other social media.
  7. You shall be considerate and respectful to the property of other members.
  8. You shall not misuse the MOMS Club roster or its contents nor shall you send club-wide emails not pertaining to MOMS Club business without the approval from the President.
  9. You are responsible for reading and following the by-laws of this Club at MOMS Club activities, including the general by-laws set forth by the International MOMS Club, the Illness Policy, the Children’s Behavior Policy and this policy.

Actions may be taken against any Member who violates the Code of Conduct.
Those Actions include:

  1. First Offense – Verbal Warning 
  2. Second Offense – Written Warning 
  3. Third Offense – The member will be asked to leave the MOMS Club and their dues will be forfeited.