Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for activities?
As a visitor you may contact us , letting us know that you are interested in attending an activity.  We will then give you a list of the upcoming events/activities and ask that you let us know which you are planning on attending so we can keep an eye out for you. Potential members may attend two meetings or activities before they decide to join. Events are listed on the calendar, which is distributed to all of our members.  Once you become a member, you will be added to the email list. The president sends out a weekly reminder email for all of the activities and events each week. Members respond to the email to let other members know what they will be attending.

What activities will we have each month?
Every month we have a member meeting (speaker, discussion, service project or fun activity), a MOMS Night Out, park days, playgroups, story times, holiday parties, field trips and other various activities.  In addition, we have additional activity groups that you can attend, such as HOOT/HOWL (husband out of town/husband working late) and Homemade Group.
Am I expected to come to every function?
Of course not!  Members pick and choose which activities fit into your schedule. We plan the calendar in advance, so you can easily schedule which activities you would like to do each month.
Who runs our MOMS Club?
We have an executive board of 5 volunteer moms: President, Administrative Vice President, Membership Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  All serve for a term of 1 year.  Annual elections are held in June.  In addition, there are many opportunities for any of our members to serve in leadership roles within the club.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in the club, please contact us.
Can I bring my children?
Children are welcome at every MOMS Club function with the exception of MOMS Night Out and our annual end of year banquet (small nursing children are always welcome). 

Are there babysitters at MOMS Club events?
Normally, no. Our events are typically structured so moms can attend while also caring for their child(ren). Events with a babysitter are rare. Occasionally, we will ask for a mom volunteer or two to monitor the kids while mom listens to a speaker at a member meeting.
Where do our dues go?
Your dues go to several club expenses.  We use the money towards expenses incurred performing service projects. Dues are also spent on office and operating expenses such as postage, copying costs, office supplies, and open house expenses. A small portion(15 percent or less) goes toward member only benefits, like party expenses.  Some of the dues also cover a nominal fee per member to International MOMS Club annually to cover the costs for running the whole organization.
Are there any additional costs besides dues?
Some of our activities are free while others have a small cost associated with them. For example, if we meet at a local bounce place, ice cream parlor, coffee shop, etc., you are responsible for the cost of yourself and your child(ren). We also attend a few tours each year, like an apple orchard, pumpkin picking, etc., that have a small cost associated with them. Sometimes we have potlucks and request that each member bring something with them. Overall, we try to keep a nice balance of free and low cost events. We know that many of us have made considerable financial sacrifices to stay at home. We try to take that into account when planning events.

Why does MOMS Club meet during the day?
There are many reasons why MOMS Clubs meet during the day. The first and foremost, we hold our meetings during the day because that's when mothers who stay home need us the most.  Mothers' needs for grown-up companionship are greatest during the day.  Second, holding night meetings disrupts family life. We want to encourage families to do things together, and planning activities during the few hours when a family is together during the week only defeats that purpose.  Third, remember that although some husbands are willing to take care of the children by themselves after a long day at work, some are not.  If their wives are going to have to choose between going to a MOMS Club meeting or letting their husbands relax, which do you think they are going to choose? No mother should be put in that position by a group that wants to support the at-home mother and family life. 

Is the group only open to stay-at-home mothers?
No. Per our by-laws our chapter is open to ALL mothers in our area. Some nurses, teachers, full-time students, etc...find that our club works for them. We even allow stay-at-home dads in the area to join us.

What will I get out of this? What will my child(ren) get out this?
Two words: Social Interaction. You'll get to speak with other adults and your child(ren) will get to play with other kids. Overall, your experience with the MOMS Club is really up to you and what you decide to participate in. 
How Do I Join?
Please see our Membership page or contact us on more information on how to join.