📣We have an exciting announcement!📣

MOMS Club of Battle Creek is now offering trial memberships during the current Stay-at-home order.

The way this will work, is anyone interested in a trial membership will be added to our private Facebook group. You will be able to participate in all the activities we have planned for the month, get support, and get to know all of our current members!

Once the stay at home order is lifted, trial members can come to a couple events and decide if they want to join the club as full members.

These times are new and difficult for many of us moms. We all could use a friend for support, as well as have some fun while we are stuck at home! We have switched over to a virtual calendar this past month, where we are having lots of virtual fun! Think of it as a month-long spirit week with different activities every day. We also will be having a fun Moms Night In video event, where we will be playing games and having some laughs.

If you're interested in a trial membership, or just need to talk to someone please send us a message here or email MVP@MomsClubofBattleCreek.org.


Our Club offers support, friendship, fun activities and informative meetings to at-home mothers, although working moms who feel the club meets their needs are also welcome. We applaud your choice to stay home, and we’re here to support you.

The MOMS Club has over 1,500 chapters in the U.S. alone and we represent more than 100,000 members! We are a support group specifically for all at-home mothers, and we’d like you to be a member, too!

For more information:

e-mail president@momsclubofbattlecreek.org

Come visit us on Facebook!